Hearing in Education

Hearing plays a significant role in a child's educational, psychological and social development. Research has shown that hearing loss among U.S. teens is up 30% more than 70% when just mild or worse cases are considered. Although the cause of the increased hearing loss isn't clear, researchers note that adolescents typically underestimate symptoms of temporary hearing impairment during music exposure and under report concern for this condition

To address the issue, Califone has been collaborating with ASHA (American Speech & Hearing Association) since 2007 to better educate students and teachers about the dangers of noise-induced hearing loss. They've been encouraged to follow the hearing safety tips contained within ASHA's "Listen To Your Buds" campaign. Since schools are a key setting where proper listening practices are modeled and where technology can play a positive role to teach students about appropriate volume levels, the campaign includes regular outreach to schools through concerts and contests.

For our part, Califone was the first manufacturer to introduce warning and volume-restricting features into many of its products to protect and educate children about appropriate volume levels when using personal audio technology. Such features are found in these headphones & headsets, MP3/MP4 players, jackboxes and tour guide/assistive listening systems.