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The Assisted Listening Series WS-series is a flexible system which can be easily configured to accommodate groups of all sizes. It’s ideal for use in auditoriums, lecture halls, and school outings. In smaller settings, it helps educators combat inadequate classroom acoustics and high levels of ambient noise by providing any number of designated students with an individual audio device for hearing the teacher or other amplified audio clearly, thereby increasing engagement and achievement. The unique functionality of the WS-series also enables it to be used beyond the classroom for tour groups, in houses of worship, for business meetings, translation activities, and other settings where audio assistance is needed.

The core of the system is the WS-T transmitter, which sends out the speaker’s voice or other audio through one of 16 digitally selectable channels (900 MHz) to an unlimited number of the WS-R receivers. The WS-T has a built-in mic input (to connect with your choice of the HBM319 headset or MM1 mini condenser mic), LCD screen for easy viewing, as well as a line input for plugging in other audio sources. In addition to its walkie-talkie functionality, the transmitter has a channel lock capability and can transmit up to 300’ to the receivers. It has a belt clip for convenient hands-free operation and can also be worn around the neck with a lanyard (sold separately). The WS-T can operate up to eleven hours on a single charge of its rechargeable battery. It’s recharged by either the WS-CR cradle (whose power adapter is included), or the WS-CH charger (whose WS-CHP power adapter must be purchased separately).

The WS-R receiver is the compliment to the WS-T. It is the first product of its kind to integrate with the flip of a switch, an 85dB maximum volume output for hearing safety. It also features dual 3.5mm headphone plugs to accommodate two simultaneous listeners using 3060AV headphones or the lighter weight ER1 single ear earphone. The WS-R can operate up to seven hours on a single charge of its rechargeable battery. It’s readily recharged by either the WS-CR cradle, or the WS-CH charger (each is sold separately and must also include the WS-CHP power adapter).

Both the WS-T and WS-R can be recharged in two different ways. One unit at a time can be recharged by using the WS-CR cradle, or up to four units (of either) at one time using the WS-CH charger (the accompanying WS-CHP power adapter must be purchased separately).

The system can be stored in the foam-lined WS-CS12 storage case, which has room and pockets to store all of the necessary chargers, headphones and accessories for up to twelve listeners.

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