Califone MP3 Player Plays downloaded iTunes Files

Teachers have been quick to realize the classroom potential for using downloaded content for virtually every subject, but one of the clearest applications is helping students with their reading.

The dramatic rise in downloaded content is readily seen in a Nielson/Net Ratings report citing traffic to the iTunes website accounts for 14% of active internet universe. But with so many downloads, does that mean audiobooks from iTunes or Audible Books can’t be used with the Califone 8100 MP3 Player/recorder or the PowerPro PA919SD? Not by any stretch.

Califone MP3 player

Can be used by two students at one time!

Files downloaded from those two sites are formatted in a proprietary format (AAC) and simply need to be converted to WMA, WAV, or the most widely supported format, MP3, before you transfer them to the award winning 8100. There are several programs which can convert AAC format files into MP3 format files and vice versa. One program which teachers have tried and liked is called Easy CD-DA Extractor. You can also look into cnetreviews or sharewareguide which have multiple suggestions.


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