Upgrades Spirit

Added features for Classroom Performance and Safety

Califone announced several improvements to its Spirit® (1776) Multimedia Player/Recorder. Already one of the most widely requested boomboxes within school and district bids, the new features increase its durability and usefulness for language learning, read-alongs, and library listening.


Permanently attached cord was also added to the popular listening center.

  • The 1776 now has a built-in microphone to record student progress.
  • The Spirit now comes with its power cord permanently attached (instead of using an oversized wall adapter) for safety.
  • Its telescopic antenna has had its jointing points reinforced for increased strength. A common issue amongst products made for consumer uses, this will diminish the chance of the antenna being accidentally broken off.
  • For easier plug and play capability, the headphone jack was moved towards the back center of the Spirit, making it simpler to utilize the learning center expandability when connecting a jackbox to its 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • Since research suggested a student is sometimes the one to insert a CD into the player of the Spirit, the latch was reinforced to reduce wear on the lid.

Frequently used in Pre-K through early elementary grades for small group read along activities, the lightweight Spirit can be used inside or outdoors. It quickly became a classroom standard due in part to its shatter-resistant ABS plastic body for ruggedness (so it won’t splinter into potentially dangerous shards should it be dropped), a feature Califone quickly points out which is not available from most other manufacturers.

A built-in mic was added along with two new Spirit Audio Pods.

Announced this year are two new choices of Spirit Audio Pods complete with fully stocked table-top or rolling cart learning centers. The Spirit is also available separately, and as part of a four-person or six-person learning center.


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