Not Too Big and Not Too Small

18th in a series about portable PA gear and how to use them.

There are bigger, heavier speakers and there are lightweight hip-worn ones. Whether you’re in a classroom or guiding students on a field trip, a larger portable speaker can be too limiting or inconvenient. In each case, obtaining and keeping your audience’s attention is what is most important and can mean the difference between a mediocre or superior presentation. So what can you do?

Enter the PA Pro. This 10-watt portable speaker is powerful enough to reach audiences of up to 150 people and is fully functional for both indoor and outdoor scenarios. That means that if you find yourself lecturing pupils in an auditorium or conducting tours, you can use the PA-10 and let it become your amplified voice.

PA Pro on tour  PA Pro

The 100’ transmission range from its wireless mic to the PA provides the flexibility to move about without having to carry the 5 lb. speaker around. Its versatility allows you to speak through either a handheld wireless or its own unique lapel microphone. The lapel mic coupled with its beltpack transmitter, store conveniently inside the back of PA Pro for safe storage so they won’t get misplaced. With everything together in one place there won’t be a need for concern about having to carry multiple products. The PA Pro uses a  VHF band is available in a choice of two frequencies so two different messaging sources can be used in the same area, a soft carry case is included in both of its packages.

If you’re feeling under the weather on an important day filled with speeches and presentations and your voice refuses to cooperate, finding the vocal support you need is imperative. The only problem you now face is choosing between the PA Pro and one of the VoiceSavers™. With either one, gone are the days of worrying about how you can get your message across without straining your voice.

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