Launches Diggiditto Document Camera

Smart document camera is the first of its kind with image recognition capabilities and integrates sound and links multimedia files for easy classroom use

Allowing educators and students to create and view full multimedia presentations, the Diggiditto Smart Document Camera from Califone International, Inc., delivers features ideal for classroom and school use.

The USB-powered camera comes mounted on a flexible, conveniently sized pedestal, which may be detached for handheld operation. The camera has a 2-megapixel resolution with auto focus, and adjusts to lighting conditions. In addition, it features 3x optical zoom, image stop, rotation and movement as well as annotation capabilities, audio-visual recording, and a horizontal/vertical mirror. The Diggiditto is equipped with an internal microphone to record speech and music.

Diggiditto DC596

Creates movies and links sounds to created files.

In addition, the Diggiditto is the first smart document camera whose software features image recognition capabilities. Once an image has been saved, placing the same image under the camera will automatically prompt the Diggiditto to reopen the saved image. With its ability to link audio and video recordings to a file, teachers can create single-click, multimedia tutorials which will be automatically replayed. This allows active sharing of high-resolution documents and images during video conferences and (student led) presentations. The image can be projected through a computer on to a television or electronic whiteboard in real-time. Split-screen viewing allows easy comparison of saved and live images. And in situations where changing from the digital projector to the black or white board is cumbersome, teachers can write on the document itself.

The Diggiditto is easy to use for video and sound recording, image capturing and editing,” said Tim Ridgway, VP of Marketing for Califone. “It also can be used as a content development tool as it can be set to 320×240 or 640×480 resolution to record a .wmv file, or to capture an image at 1600×1200 resolution.

The Diggiditto is compatible with electronic whiteboards and other conference or teaching devices. It is available with a portable support stand, foam-lined storage case, program CD, and manual. MS Windows 2000/XP/Vista is required.

The introduction of the document camera broadens the company’s offerings of visual products (overhead projectors and DVD players) used in classrooms, churches, and business settings.


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