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It’s no mystery that students absorb information differently when viewing and hearing a lesson compared to only reading it (especially younger students). However, it’s not always easy to repeatedly demonstrate a portion of a lesson to each student whenever they have a question. If you’re undergoing a science experiment, students are sometimes too far away to view the demonstrated details from their seats and having all of the students get up and gather around you still doesn’t guarantee that some students’ views won’t still be blocked by their classmates. Conducting multiple demonstrations of the same experiment could become monotonous for you and is also too costly with materials. What’s the ideal solution?

The Diggiditto™ Smart Document Camera is the first of its kind to deliver true interactive features. In addition to its abilities to recognize previously saved images, saving notes on top of images, and linking audio files to still images, this revolutionary and cost effective tool can also create real-time movies up to 10 minutes in length. Simply click the “Record Movie” button in the Camera mode and select “Record” to begin recording. With the detachable camera, you can film hard-to-see objects from angles not readily seen from a tripod mounted viewpoint. Once the recording is completed, simply save it and it’s ready to be re-played or distributed to anyone without installing any proprietary software. It’s that easy! This can help your be more efficient by making short work of keeping your Principal, Department Chair, or parents informed of class progress; and students can review any missed classes or key passages at their own pace by watching the recorded movies.

The Record Movie feature allows you to “teach outside the box” with an endless variety of objects and materials. It definitely takes classroom curriculum to a new chapter. Some practical applications of the Diggiditto Record Movie features include but not limited to:
Student generated projects – Letting students create their own movies is a innovative way to turn them into producers of content instead of mere consumers while demonstrating their own acquired knowledge on the subject.
Teach counting – You can teach money counting skills with real bills and coins, no longer by drawing rectangles and circles on a blackboard. Knowing both audio and video will be recorded, you can verbally explain the currency value while showing each clearly under the document camera. You can even take a step further to “purchase items from the classroom store” by showing items with price tags on and count the right amounts of money with students to place in front of each item for “purchasing”.
Demonstrate writing strokes of alphabet or foreign language characters – For a language class, using the Record Movie feature, writing stroke demonstrations of alphabet or foreign language characters could be easily managed and visibly observed by the entire class.
Demonstrate daily life skills – Demonstrations of how to pull a zipper, how to tie the shoelaces, how to reseal a sandwich bag, or how to open a lock with the key are basic but critical daily life skills that could be shown and taught via the Diggiditto.
Reveal all about Science experiments – The Record Movie feature brings the fun out of all Science experiments. Each and every step of any processes could be explained and implemented before everyone’s eyes; best of all, no one needs to jot down the notes of detailed procedure or specific outcome and time data since all will be recorded and saved for future reviewing. All students can focus on the experiments and absorb the concepts being studied on.
Educate young students about personal hygiene – It’s imperative for preschoolers or kindergarteners to learn the right way to brush their teeth or to cover up when they sneeze.
Instruct basic Home Economics skills – Students in Home Economics can follow the step by step instruction on how to knit or sew via Diggiditto. You won’t even have to show the same procedures repeatedly since students can later watch the video clip as many times as necessary.

Be the producer of your classroom movies and encourage your students to take the director role from time to time as well. Lessons are more engaging when you hear them shout “And…ACTION!”

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