Battery life in a PA

How long can I expect the battery in a PowerPro to last on a single charge?

All rechargeable batteries (whether in a computer, multimedia player, or elsewhere) first need to be properly charged before use and recharged after use according to the owner’s manual. For the PowerPro, the battery should be charged for at least 10 continuous hours before using it for the first time. Taking this step before its first use is the single most important thing that could be done to help the battery.

“Average” use of the PA (meaning the occassional use of one of the mics, off and on use of the CD or cassette player, and setting the volume output to mid-range) in a comfortable teperatre range, will give you 4-6 hours of use. If you drive the speaker harder than this (with volume at maximum, using both mics simultaneously, playing CDs continuously), it will reduce the usage time.

All batteries are effected by heat and high humidity. Using them in these conditions can also adversely effect the performance of the battery.


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