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VoiceSaver Upgraded

The leading portable voice support for on-the-go presenters just got better.

Each version of the portable VoiceSaver has been upgraded with the new HBM319 microphone. The improved mic is lighter and more comfortable, has better sensitivity and enhanced frequency response, particularly in the range of the human voice. The result is better pick up and clarity, better for tour groups, extended presentations and classroom teachers. (more…)

Launches the Spirit SD

Multimedia Player/Recorder with built-in SD card slot and USB port allows educators to easily play digital audio files for the whole class

Bringing new technology to classroom multimedia players, Califone International, Inc., launches the Spirit SD Multimedia Player/Recorder. The unit’s built-in SD card slot and USB port allow the Spirit SD to work with the latest digital file formats, providing educators with the technology they need to play pre-recorded instructional resources, stories and music for the whole class. (more…)

What a Bit of Technology Can Do

Part of a continuing series of Califone guest bloggers.

I have three scenarios I often find difficult to deal with when teaching young English language learners. Scenario one is when I first walk into the room and try to motivate the children to choose to speak English. Scenario two occurs after the class ends. I gush to parents about how their children spoke and sang in English. Immediately, the parents ask the children a question in English and expect responses in English. I have yet to hear any of the children speak the English when put on the spot. Scenario three occurs when parents beg me to help their children with their pronunciation. (more…)

Speak and Be Heard

Whenever the need arises for any kind of audio amplification, it’ll also involve using a microphone. (more…)

Varying the Speed of the Digital Age

Entry Removed.

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A Crash Course in Digital Audio Formats

2nd in a series about new audio technologies used in education

As our culture continues to integrate digital files, schools and classrooms have similarly expanded their use of audio-related content. For those who have relied on traditional analog content until now but would like to experiment with the new digital world, they’re confronted with several different types of files they must work with in order to access the same content. Gone are the days when wanting to play a song meant simply choosing between a record and a cassette. (more…)

The Future of Digital Audio

1st in a series about new technologies for educational audio hardware

Technology. It’s ever improving and ever changing at an increasing rate of change and each generation has early, middle, and late adapters. This is just as true with audio-focused technologies used in schools. But regardless of how we’d classify ourselves on the spectrum, it’s no secret that the more we understand a technology and what it enables us to do, the more comfortable we become using it, which in this case means applying it to teaching. (more…)

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