Nod to Protect Student Hearing

Califone released today the results of an online survey which polled educators about the importance of protecting student hearing when listening to headphones and headsets.

The results revealed 79.5% of the respondents believe it is “extremely important” to protect student hearing while 86.6% believed it to be “moderately important” or greater. Held from August to December of 2009, the results reflect a increasingly unified belief amongst educators and parents of the importance of establishing appropriate listening practices for students.

As hearing loss can lead to numerous problems in school, such as difficulty with academic achievement in language arts, vocabulary, arithmetic, and problem solving, we believe it is our duty to help educators inform their students on using technology responsibly,” said Roscoe Anthony, President of Califone.

Advocacy to educate teachers and students about the importance of the issue for Califone has included the company’s joining forces to promote Safe Listening Practices with the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, supporting their “Buds Campaign“, and integrating the message into the annual Califone catalog.

Most of the attention on the subject has centered around the use of personal audio players, many of which are sold with smaller consumer-oriented earbuds. This style of headphone offers far less protection than the on-ear or over-ear styles of headphones and headsets sold by Califone, including those featuring advanced electronics which offer active-noise cancellation, which provides the best protection.

Califone also has an ongoing blog discussing key features and terms educators should be familiar with when purchasing headphones and headsets for use in classrooms, language and computer labs, or for use in testing.









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