Hear It Simultaneously!

Although technology has changed how students learn in the 21st century classroom, no innovative gadget could ever substitute your instructions and fulfill students’ needs in receiving guidance or feedback from you. Your voice shouldn’t be hidden in any way even when a multimedia player is integrated into the curriculum. Students look for your counsel at all times. What do you currently do when you want to give students guidance while they are listening to the classroom multimedia player? Do you shut down the unit for a moment or do you compete against it by straining to yell over it?

“When leading dances or teaching groups of differing abilities, the Voice Over feature is why the Performer Plus really stands apart.”

The Performer Plus™ lets you clearly address all students even when it’s playing audio with its Voice-Over function, which allows you to talk through a wired microphone while it’s playing an audio track. Students can hear the audio contents and your comments simultaneously! To activate the Voice-Over feature, simply connect a wired microphone with a ¼” plug into the mic input of the Performer Plus to begin your instruction at anytime. There is no button to press or knob to turn; just plug in the microphone and you are ready to coach your students. Whether it’s asking them to identify compound words in the next chapter of the recorded book they are listening to, or instructing them to jot down the key words in the next dialogue, or to remind them to follow the beat of the music for the next critical dance move. You can do all these without pausing or shutting down the Performer Plus. It’s that efficient and simple.

Think about it, this function also enables you to create custom made learning materials for your students. For example, you can have the background music played from the CD and record reading materials with the background music onto the cassette. Instead of spending time and effort to search for the published learning resources that are suitable for your students, you can simply create the exact curriculum materials that meet your students’ skill levels and learning developments. Bob Howell, a former 33-year school Principal who writes for American Square Dance and NE Square Dance magazines, shared “When leading dances or teaching groups of differing abilities, the Voice Over and Variable Speed playback features are why Performer Plus really stands apart for me.” Of course, you can also use the Performer Plus as a public address system when it’s not playing other audio contents.

Technology should assist you in enhancing student learning, not to create any barriers for you. Say all you want to say when you need to say it, the Performer Plus will always deliver your message to the students, supporting you in the wonders of teaching.


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