Convenience is a Button Away

Added convenience in a product is certainly an appealing factor when deciding which media player to purchase for your classroom. Once you figure out what basic functions you need from a player that you can apply to your curriculum, the little ‘extras’ can make quite a difference in your school day as well as those of your students. You know that you can find a media player that can play cassettes, CDs and have AM/FM radio. What you need to ask yourself now is this: What more can my media player do for me?

Several Califone multimedia players  employ those basic functions and more. For instance, the Spirit™ SD not only offers new technology with its SD card slot and USB port connections, its CD player has the ability to program up to 20 tracks from a CD so that you can customize lesson plans. By simply pressing the ‘program’ button located on top of the player and then selecting any track on a CD and then ‘program’ again, you can create the order in which you want the tracks to play. You can go through the track listing and repeat the process after each individual track that you feel is pertinent to your lesson plan.

Sometimes an activity might call for a specific group of students to focus on only a few tracks versus another group that can work on an entirely different track order. This useful feature allows you to devise a tailored plan that will engage your students and assist in group instruction when participants are at the same learning level. This 20-track programmable feature can also be used with the Personal CD PlayerPerformer Plus™, Music Maker™ Plus, MP3-capable Music Maker™, and the Infrared Music Maker™ Plus multimedia players. With these players in particular, the ‘program’ function can also be used with the onboard digital AM/FM radio to preset specific radio stations. Once you reach your desired station, press ‘program’ and whichever number station you want it to be, just as you can do with most car radio tuners.

Finding a multimedia player that can give you more than just the basics, benefit your students and complement your curriculum can sometimes be a tricky process. With these multimedia players loaded with convenient features, such as 20-track programming or the ability to search for content on a CD with ease, finding the right player that suits you best can often prove to not necessarily be an impossible feat.


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