Listening to Audiobooks

Children go through a number of years when their reading ability is lower than their intellectual capacity. During this time, it is particularly important to read aloud to children and expose them to audiobooks. There are a lot of benefits to listening to audiobooks, including:

• Improving listening and comprehension skills
• Increasing vocabulary
• Learning the proper pronunciation of words
• Learning to “see” a story by using their imaginations instead of illustrations
• Being motivated to read more by an author they’ve been introduced to through an audiobook
• Engaging a child’s interest in a way that a teacher or parent reading aloud may not
• Providing an enjoyable in-class activity

When providing students with audiobook activities, pair them with some solid-colored or animal-themed Listening First™ Stereo Headphones. With ambient noise-reducing earcups, students have maximum protection against exterior sounds, reducing the need to increase volume and helping to keep them on task.

Boy wearing Listening First Headhone



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