Upgrades USB Microscope

Helps facilitate better student understanding of classroom concepts while enhancing participation

Allowing for enhanced student collaboration and learning, Califone International, Inc., has updated its USB digital microscope.  Ideal for group settings, the microscope allows for real-time display on computer screens, enabling multiple students to view details at the same time.

With its upgraded Windows 7 compatibility (32-bit & 64-bit), the microscope can connect to any classroom computer, and accommodate large group lessons when wired to a projector, making it ideal for facilitating student understanding of the six goals within the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) and STEM-focused curricula.  In addition, the new light adjustment and multiple filter choices allow educators to highlight different details, which can be captured in snapshots displayed on screen.

Not only does the microscope expose students to technology, but it also allows educators to engage an entire classroom in science and math activities at once with its USB functionality,” said Tim Ridgway, VP of marketing.

The USB Digital Microscope (CM1-USB) is available for $187, and comes with a one-year warranty for school use.

To read more about the CM1-USB USB Digital Microscope, click to read the coverage by Tech & Learning Magazine.



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