Strategic Partnership with GradeCam

Promotes informed instruction by providing teachers with critical data in real-time

Califone International, Inc., and GradeCam Corp. have formed a strategic partnership to empower educators to use real-time data to inform instruction.

Combining GradeCam with the Diggiditto Smart Document Camera from Califone allows educators to immediately assess student knowledge to gain critical insight into reinforcement needs. “GradeCam provides educators with a unique perspective to their student’s needs, and the Diggiditto allows them to access this data seamlessly and efficiently,” said Roscoe Anthony, president of Califone. “We believe the integration of these two products offers schools the intelligence they need to develop informed instruction.

When paired with an affordable web or document camera, such as the Diggiditto (DC596), GradeCam allows classroom teachers to scan and grade multiple-choice tests and other assignments instantly, helping to ease a time-consuming administrative burden. Regular assessments provide a framework for understanding each student’s challenges and successes, and the assessment data provided by GradeCam allows a teacher to tailor instruction to meet each student’s learning needs

Through the Diggiditto, educators have access to a powerful tool for improving the quality of their day-to-day instruction. The document camera easily scans the data needed for GradeCam to analyze and report the information each teacher needs to assess his or her students,” said Tami Porter, co-founder of GradeCam.

The Diggiditto is a USB-powered camera mounted on a flexible, conveniently sized pedestal, which may be detached for handheld operation. The camera has a 2-megapixel resolution with auto focus, and adjusts to lighting conditions. In addition, it features 3x optical zoom, image stop, rotation and movement as well as annotation capabilities, audio-visual recording, and a horizontal/vertical mirror. The Diggiditto also is equipped with an internal microphone to record speech and music.

The Diggiditto Smart Document Camera is available for $599, and comes with a one-year warranty for school use and service support available through authorized dealers nationwide. To order, contact a Califone dealer. For more information on the full line of Califone products designed for the education market, and safe for school and library use, call 1-800-722-0500, or visit to view and download the Califone catalog.

Visit, or call 866-472-3339, to learn more about GradeCam.




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