Top 10 uses for Classroom Computer Speakers

It’s been said that if students can’t hear the lesson, they can’t as readily learn. Since more content is being delivered through a classroom computer, we queried educators on how they use computer speakers and came up with a teacher-generated top 10 list.

1. To show students more about different musical instruments and their histories.

2. To listen to downloaded orchestral music.

3. For listening to movies stemming from books students have read.

4. To project the audio so all students can hear.

5. To share videos and internet demos for my students to listen to the sound effects in class.

6. To hear performances on YouTube and  embedded audio in PowerPoint™ presentations.

7. To use in a recording studio for music learners.

8. To provide audio to English Language Learners when used with interactive whiteboards.

9. To enhance the sound quality for hearing-impaired listeners who need to hear as well as see text.

10. For ESL students to better hear a real English accent when using computer-based language programs.

A “thank you” goes out to all of the participants, including these winners who each won a set of Desktop Computer Speakers: Cori Belew, Carlos Villanueva, Sandra GilpinBlack, Iris Kessler Blum, Bill Barnum, Mark Domeier, Emily Glenn, Amy Laura Sauls Rains, Eugene Cantera

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