Maintaining Balance

Balance is useful and necessary in our personal lives as well as our work, and is equally necessary for audio-assisted learning within schools.

While teaching music in the classroom you can put your students to work recording and playing music to gauge how far they’ve come along. You can guide them along on specific assignments throughout the day and encourage them to use equipment, such as multimedia players, provided to them for playing audio books or language learning media that can be useful in enhancing their learning. In such a scenario, you should expect the same from a multimedia player that you expect to have in life – balance.

The balance feature adjusts the balance of the sound coming from speakers to either the left or the right and is standard on the Performer Plus™, Music Maker™ Plus, Infrared Music Maker Plus and the MP3-Capable Music Maker. Depending upon how music is recorded, the two different tracks can be split up so audio from one is heard louder than the other, thereby letting students more clearly listen to specific sounds. On a particular song, the balance control feature can split one track so only instruments can be heard coming out of one speaker and the vocal part of the song gets drowned out. If the balance knob is moved to the other side, then only the vocal part will be heard and the instruments will be drowned out.

Balance feature shown on the Performer Plus (2455AV-03)

Like other features that multimedia players have, this particular useful tool can do wonders for improving upon audio recordings done using either a built-in microphone or an attached microphone, whether they be vocal or music-related. Students can use the speaker balance to track their own progress for success in their creations.


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