Launches Titanium Series

Offers Industry First: Washable Headphones and Headsets

Say goodbye to dirty headphones and headsets in schools thanks to the technological breakthroughs built in to the new Titanium™ Series of washable headphones and headsets by Califone International, Inc.

This is the first product of its kind to offer schools the ability to wash headphones and headsets without having to worry about damaging sensitive electronic equipment. The rugged new series includes three headphones and three headsets, can limit the playback volume to 85dB, and offers a variety of cord options, allowing customers to choose from six different configurations.

The new Titanium Series utilizes a number of never-seen-before features. Two each of the series’ headphone and headsets are washable when the cords are detached, providing a new standard for cleanliness in schools and libraries. The ability to wash the Titanium Series helps assure schools will not need to replace the equipment as often due to wear and tear and also allows schools to clean the equipment thoroughly without worrying about damaging the electronic components; no other headphones or headsets on the market can provide schools with this benefit.

In addition to being the first washable headphones and headsets on the market, built-in Sentinel™ technology restricts volume playback to 85dB in adherence to guidelines recommended by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). The first series of its kind to provide this functionality while also being washable, the Titanium Series allows schools to offer students with an overall high-quality, safe listening experience never before possible.

To lend an added degree of school safety beyond cleanliness, the Series is made of rugged ABS plastic, which is stronger and less likely to break into dangerous shards, unlike the less durable plastics used in consumer items. Though ultra-strong, student comfort is not sacrificed; in addition to being washable, the supple ear cushions provide a softer point of contact and won’t feel as warm after being worn for an extended period of time. A variety of cord options provide unique 5-pin connections with USB, 3.5 mm plug (with a ¼” adapter) options.

No other headphone or headsets on the market can be washed, making the new Titanium Series unlike any other headphone or headset products previously offered,” said Tim Ridgway, VP of marketing. “The fact that this series offers washable options is incredibly appealing to schools looking to improve students’ audio-visual experiences without sacrificing product quality or affordability. Not only are these our safest products offered to date, they’re also the quietest products we’ve ever made in terms of isolation of the amplified audio and external ambient noise rejection. The Titanium Series is ground breaking in its versatility, reliability and durability, yet it still puts the student’s listening experience first and foremost, a win-win for any school.

The washable Titanium series headphones are available with a choice of USB or 3.5mm plug (without the Sentinel technology to limit the volume to 85dB), or not washable with a 3.5mm plug. The washable Titanium headsets are available with a choice of USB or dual 3.5mm plugs (without the Sentinel technology to limit the volume to 85dB), or not washable with 3.5mm plugs. There are also two classroom packs available, each with an included charger, of four of the non-washable headphones or four of the non-washable headsets.

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