Storing Your PA Gear

On a daily basis we are faced with new challenges and never is this truer than in a classroom environment, especially when multi-tasking skills are called into action. On one hand you have a lesson plan you are trying to convey to the class and on the other hand you have a room full of students awaiting your next instruction. Your hands are full and they don’t have to be. Surrounding yourself with audio visual equipment to complement your curriculum that can be easily managed day in and day out will no doubt free up not only a hand here and there but also your time. (more…)

Be Heard by Few and Many

Different speaking situations can call for different preparation. You know you want to be heard loud and clear, but in order to do that, you must first take a few things into consideration. How large is the venue where you will be presenting? What is the proximity between you and your audience? All these are important factors that will help you determine which type of audio system to bring into play to ensure you are properly heard. (more…)

ABS Plastic because the Exterior Matters

8th in a series of articles

Lots of choices go into purchasing a car such as what you can afford, the gas mileage expected, two or four doors, and which safety features to include are just some of the considerations. Purchasing classroom or library audio equipment that’ll used by children similarly involves making choices, and looking at safety features should be some of them. (more…)

Convenience is a Button Away

Added convenience in a product is certainly an appealing factor when deciding which media player to purchase for your classroom. Once you figure out what basic functions you need from a player that you can apply to your curriculum, the little ‘extras’ can make quite a difference in your school day as well as those of your students. You know that you can find a media player that can play cassettes, CDs and have AM/FM radio. What you need to ask yourself now is this: What more can my media player do for me? (more…)

Old School GPS

Do you own a Global Positioning System – let along used one in class? If you don’t own one, you’ve probably heard of one benefit of it – to guide you to a specific location. Well, consider the tape counter an old school type of GPS that leads you to the exact spot you need to arrive at within the audio curriculum.  (more…)

Computer-Based Learning

As more educators incorporate computer-learning activities in their classrooms, the more schools have to make adjustments to support such a curriculum. With a growing number of classes under pressure to increase their sizes from previous years due to fiscal constraints, optimizing your student-to-computer ratio is one way to get as much mileage as possible from your existing resources. (more…)

An Aid for Specialized Learning

In the average classroom on any given day, teachers are faced with students from different social and ethnic backgrounds, with different life experiences, and also different learning abilities. Some students can find it cumbersome to learn fundamental tasks and may need extra attention from you in the process. When it comes to Special Education students, this attention coupled with a little help through a useful learning tool can go a long way toward improving their education. (more…)