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Series on headphone specs:
Choosing The Right Headphone
Increasing Headphone Safety
Breaking Down Headphone Specs
Headphone Cords: Straight vs. Coiled
Headphone & Headset Plugs
Is it Stereo or Mono?
Does Earcup Size Matter?
Ensuring Your Headset Works
USB or 3.5mm Headset Plugs
Safe Headphone Volume Controls

PA features and specs series:
Line In for AV Support
Connecting Audio through Line Outs
Wireless Mics for Presenters
Portable PA Makes Digital Recordings
Play Music & Talk Into The Same PA?
When Seeing Lights Is A Good Thing
Walk Over There To Do That?
Hanging By Your Reputation
Switch Between Speech or Music
Mic Impedance Changes PAs Volume Output
Rolling, Rolling, Rolling…
Old School Cassette Player Is Hit
Scores of PowerPro Volume Controls
Saving Your Voice
What’s Daisy-Chaining Speakers?
Switch Sound Between PA Speakers
Which Radio Frequency To Use?
The Three Legged Magician
Not Too Big and Not Too Small

How upgrades to the Spirit improves its use for read-alongs:
Upgrades Spirit
Teach the Spirit of Teamwork
Helps Control Classroom Clutter

How variable speed playback helps language learning & dance classes:
Variable Speed Playback helps not only Language Learners
Speed Learning By Slowing Down

How the CD102 is ideal for individualized instruction:
Repetitive Study More Effective