Califone Wins Best in Show for PA419-02 Portable Bluetooth PA
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Top 30 Uses for a USB Microscope

Sparking new ideas to better engage students should be a key goal for the use of technology in classrooms. (more…)

160 Uses for a Document Camera

Few pieces of equipment have captured as much fascination and interest as have document cameras. Where or how to use them is practically limitless! (more…)

Upgrades Infrared Headphones

Consolidates Monaural and Stereo Models for Simplification in Class

In response to the growing classroom dependence on computer-based programs for reading development and language learning, Califone has announced improvements to its Infrared Headphone. (more…)

Launches Wireless PA Upgrade Kit

Califone announces the launch of its Wireless PA Upgrade Kit.  Believed to be the first of its kind, the easy-to-use retrofit system can be installed with any wired speaker (with an aux or line in), regardless of the manufacturer. (more…)

Strategic Partnership with GradeCam

Promotes informed instruction by providing teachers with critical data in real-time

Califone International, Inc., and GradeCam Corp. have formed a strategic partnership to empower educators to use real-time data to inform instruction. (more…)

System Enthralls And Educates

Any teacher knows that the key to achieving academic success is by engaging their students on an individual level. Today’s students love to engage with technology. Most of them can’t remember a time when computers and gaming systems weren’t common household items. (more…)

Upgrades USB Microscope

Helps facilitate better student understanding of classroom concepts while enhancing participation (more…)

Launches Paging Horn

Improves school communications by allowing important indoor announcements to be broadcast outdoors (more…)