ESL in Guinea-Bissau

Sitting above the Equator and close to the western-most point in Africa, is the coastal country of Guinea-Bissau. Located within its tropical borders is the International Language Institute, where Administrator Daniel F. Nabicamba is committed to spreading international awareness and cultural understanding though their ESL programs. (more…)

Keep on the Right Track

Creativity is one particular trait that educators possess that proves both important and effective in a classroom setting. In an age of decreasing attention spans and fast-paced action, critical elements in the learning process can often be overlooked and undermined. (more…)

Build Rehab

Assembling the company’s learning centers helps community members even before the equipment reaches schools.

For many K-12 schools across the country, Califone media-player based learning centers are considered to be reliable classroom and library staples to help teachers implement language learning programs. Even before the equipment reaches schools however, it’s already helped the community through an innovative program spearheaded by Richard Lane, the company’s Vice President of  Operations. (more…)