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Voice Over vs Voice Priority

How can you talk to your students when they are listening through headphones to an audio book played from a media player? How can school staff make announcements during a special event such as a carnival or talent show when the background music is constantly playing? (more…)

Hear Ye at Safe Volume Levels

There are some things we take for granted and our ability to hear can sometimes be one of them. Teaching your students the importance of protecting their own hearing while simultaneously protecting it for them is not only the safest approach, but will also help prevent possible future problems in class. (more…)

Upgrades Personal CD Player

Changes support differentiated student reading activities.

Califone announced significant upgrades to its Personal CD Player. (more…)

Play Ballllllllll

The West Valley Girl’s Softball league held its Opening Day ceremonies on March 6th, and Califone helped make the day a success. (more…)

Control Within Your Grasp

Sometimes a product can seem so commonplace that we presume to understand all of its functions, only to learn that’s not necessarily the case. A classroom multimedia player might be one such product. (more…)

A Dedicated Headset for Card Readers

Simple tools such as magnetic card readers and headsets have been relied upon by speech pathologists and classroom teachers to help their students. (more…)

Califone Brackets for March Mayhem

Nothing beats the drama of going head to head in competition. The excitement of being watched by the nation and recognized as the best makes for some great viewing and tweeting! (more…)

New Line of Megaphones for School Use

3 new megaphones are ideal for athletic events, field trips, and emergency response situations

Califone International, Inc., announces the launch of its new line of megaphones, designed specifically for use in the school environment. The megaphone line includes three models, is ideal for sporting events, traveling with students and emergency response situations. (more…)