Teen Hearing Loss Increasing

A 2010 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association cited  increases in hearing loss amongst teenagers.

The (8/18/10) study noted new research showing that hearing loss among U.S. teens is up 30%—more than 70% when just mild or worse cases are considered. Although the cause of the greater prevalence of hearing loss among teens isn’t clear, the researchers noted that “some risk factors, such as loud sound exposure from music listening, may be of particular importance to adolescents as well.” In addition, they report that “adolescents and young adults typically underestimate symptoms of loud sound, tinnitus, and temporary hearing impairment during music exposure and under report concern for these conditions.

The research appeared in a recent issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Turning down the volume and limiting listening time are two easy steps any listener of personal audio technology can take to protect their hearing,” according to ASHA President Tommie L. Robinson, Jr., PhD, CCC-SLP. Dr. Robinson encourages parents to model safe listening and to visit the website of ASHA’s campaign where they can pledge to promote hearing protection and also find helpful resource information. “Hearing plays a significant role in a child’s educational, psychological, and social development,” Dr. Robinson adds. “The start of a new school year is a ‘teachable moment’ for parents to show and explain to their children how important their hearing is and how they can protect it.

To address the issue, Califone began a collaboration with ASHA in 2007 to better educate students and teachers by encouraging the public to follow the hearing safety tips contained within ASHA’s “Listen To Your Buds” campaign. The campaign in addition to its website, has included outreach in schools through concerts and contests designed to teach young children how to use personal audio technology safely. For its part, Califone continues to support the campaign as well as integrating volume-restricting features into its headphones & headsets, MP3 players, jackboxes and tour guide/assistive listening systems.

  • The Titanium series of headphones and headsets is the first to offer an 85 decibel restriction on the volume
  • The Califone MP3 Player is the first of its kind to offer 85dB volume restriction (8101 and its two and four-person learning centers)
  • The recently launched Tour Guide / Assistive Listening system is the first to offer volume restriction to 85dB in its receiver (WS-R)
  • The Sound Alert 2985PG headphone alerts the teacher via an LED on the earcup when the volume exceeds 85dB
  • The Sound Alert 1285G jackbox is the first jackbox to address excessive sound by signaling via an LED when the volume exceeds 85dB
  • Offers the first active noise-cancelling headphone designed for use in educational settings
  • Its full line of headphones and headsets offer ambient noise reducing earcups

Califone continues to support ASHA’s Better Hearing and Speech Month.



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