Block Sounds for More Focus

It’s test-taking time and you’ve prepared your students to the best of your abilities. Shouldn’t your equipment help too?

It’s critical for AP language students to clearly hear all of the nuances they’re being tested on. That’s where the Active Noise Cancelling Headphone comes into the test arena. This active (not just passive) noise cancelling headphone has large, over-the-ear earcups along with a special trait – a built-in noise-cancelling  feature that can be activated by an on/off switch. During a high-stakes testing event, students can turn the feature on in order to block out external, background noises and minimize distractions so that they can better concentrate on their test. Oftentimes, being able to fully direct their attention to their test can mean the difference between doing well or not. The technology in the active noise cancelling headphone can help students focus more on tests so they can be successful in their academic careers.

What about when a situation where clear audio transmission is critical comes up? Luckily, there are headphones and headsets that allow students to remain on point with what they’re working on without letting external distractions affect them. If they are using computers for different projects that require them to listen to reading applications, you can have them wear the 3068AV switchable stereo/mono headphones with their ambient noise-reducing large earcups so they can remain on task. If the application requires vocal responses, a headset with large earcups and a boom microphone, like the 3066, 4100USB, or one of the Titanium™ series headsets, can come in handy so that students are not only directing their attention at their work by being able to listen intently to the audio but also responding accordingly. Providing students with the right headphones helps them maintain their focus as an integral part of their overall learning.


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