Wireless USB Connectivity

Before embarking on a project, you have to first make sure that you not only have everything you need for it but that it is properly set up and in working fashion.

The same is true when using wireless headphones in your classroom, library or computer lab. With the absence of a headphone cord, the connection between the wireless headphone and your computer is important so that there aren’t any interruptions for your students. The upgraded HIR-KT1 headphone utilizes an infrared signal to transmit the wireless audio in stereo or monaural modes.

If the headphones are going to be used with a computer, then first make sure the switch on the headphone is marked to “stereo”. Since there’s no built-in transmitter for wireless headphones in computers, the included transmitter must be first plugged into the USB port of the computer. The only possible configuration which might be necessary is making sure the computer is recognizing the transmitter to send the infrared audio to the headphones.  The only remaining question now is what type of computer are you using?

For Macs, there’s no need to install an additional driver as the USB transmitter will be recognized once it’s plugged in (plug and play) and ready to be configured:

Under System preferences >  select Sound > output > select USB audio device.

For most PCs, if Windows® XP is installed, the computer settings may need to be configured so that the USB transmitter is recognized by selecting the C-Media USB driver. To do this, open the ‘Control Panel’, select ‘Sound and Audio devices’, open the ‘Audio’ tab, and then select the USB audio device in the ‘Sound Playback’ section. If you are running Windows 7, the driver for the USB transmitter gets installed automatically when the transmitter is connected to a USB port.

As soon as you’ve checked off all that needs to be done to make sure that the wireless headphones are receiving audio from the computer, your students can begin listening as long as they remain within a 20’ range from the computer.

The headphones can operate in a monaural mode when used with either the Infrared Music Maker (2395IR multimedia player/recorder) or the Infrared Cassette Player/Recorder (3432IR).

A four-pack of the wireless headphones (HIR-KT4) is also available for small groups (which comes with a single transmitter for the four headphones.)

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