Poll Reveals Student Cord Chewing Crisis

Califone announced today the results of a survey in which educators were asked how often they caught students chewing on headphone or headset cords.

68.8% of the participants reported they witnessed students biting or chewing on cords as frequently as multiple times each day. “The topic has been around classrooms and libraries since Califone first began making headphones for use in schools in the 1950’s and it’s one of the most commonly shared comments from media specialists at conferences today,” shared the company’s Tim Ridgway, VP Marketing.

Photography courtesy of Ashley Moore

For as often as students seem to habitually place the cords into their mouths and chew on them, the more likely the need for schools to purchase either replaceable cords, or in some cases the entire headphone or the headset itself. This contributes to an obvious, but seldom-addressed strain on budgets at a time when few districts have readily available funding for such replacements, even in technology-intensive applications such as in language areas, computer labs or listening centers.

While a reinforced cord connection prevents students from removing the cord, whether straight or coiled, to freely play with or hide it, it doesn’t stop students biting or chewing on them. Preventing students from gnawing on them can prove to be an impossible task.

The repeated and frequent mistreatment places a premium on headphone and headset cords, either attached or replaceable, which can hold up against the constant biting and chewing for an extended period of time are more essential than ever.  The survey was held online for a three-month period of time and asked participants to rate how often they observed the behavior.

Release of the poll comes soon after earlier results were released by the company supporting the role of technology to prevent hearing loss.

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