Guaranteed For Life Cords Answer Student Chewing Problem

 Offers a revolutionary solution to an age-old classroom problem.

To compliment its unique Titanium Series of headphones and headsets, Califone debuts its Guaranteed for Life cords. Ideal for use in classrooms, computer labs and libraries, the revolutionary new cords are the first ever to offer a lifetime warranty, so in addition to helping educators provide high-quality audio-based lessons, increase productivity and achievement, the Guaranteed for Life cords help extend valuable school budgets by eliminating the need to replace the cord.

The innovative Guaranteed for Life cords, fitted with a woven fabric that protects the interior wiring, were developed to withstand the extreme wear and tear of equipment used in educational settings. Available only for use with the Titanium series of headphones and headsets, introduction of the cords first required development of new testing methods that simulate classroom conditions. Special machines and tests were developed to replicate cord biting, swinging or twirling the headphone (three different protocols) and being rolled over by a chair.

A recently released survey reported 68.8% of educators witnessed students chewing on headphone cords as often as several times each day. With these cords, educators have a one-time solution to avoid frequent replacement purchases, as well as a long-lasting product that can be used by groups of students. A red strand is integrated into the fabric to help educators easily identify the Guaranteed for Life cords, which have an industry-first lifetime warranty. If the cords are damaged through normal school or library use, Califone will replace or repair the cords.


Shown left to right is one of the four new Guaranteed For Life cords; close-up shot of the first-ever simulated bite best for headphone/set cords, a cross section of a Guaranteed For Life headphone and headset cord, close-up shot of the first-ever simulated roll-over test for headphone/set cords.

Audio is critical to providing a well-rounded, interactive curriculum that really engages students in the classroom,” said Tim Ridgway, VP of marketing, Califone. “These new cords help educators maximize students’ safety, performance, comfort and durability, while optimizing robust multimedia activities designed to enhance everyday learning.

The Titanium Series is the first product line of its kind to offer schools the ability to wash headphones and headsets (certain models only with the cord disconnected) without having to worry about damaging sensitive electronic equipment. The series features three headphones and three headsets, rugged ABS plastic construction for durability and safety, option to limit playback volume to 85dB to protect students’ hearing, and a variety of cord options.

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