Book Reports Aren’t Just For Reading

While reading a book now can be more of a technological endeavor than it used to be, it might make sense for student book report assignments to do so as well.

Keeping up with how fast technology changes day to day can seem like a never ending task, though use of digital tech products can prove beneficial. As students are becoming more and more adept at quenching their thirst for reading by utilizing e-readers at home or in your classroom, having them create book reports as podcasts using the Califone MP3 Player for the books they “e-read” will keep them engaged and excited about their learning. They can easily record their thoughts on different chapters in a book through the MP3 player’s built-in microphone to be later saved as a digital file either on an SD card or the player’s internal memory.

With the reading material fresh in their minds, students can communicate initial observations into several different files and piece them together to form a complete book report podcast. These podcasts can be easily uploaded to a computer and shared with other students for a stimulating discussion on each others’ take on a particular story or section to form a student panel of book reviewers. A twist on the discussion platform could call for some role-playing between the students where one takes on the role of the author while another becomes a reporter conducting an interview that can be recorded for evaluation by you and fellow students. What the written word cannot always depict in tone and expression can be fully depicted in the animated voices of students ‘performing’ their audio book reports with the MP3 player. Their creativity and imagination captivating them in a way where learning about books and stories turns into the kind of fun they have without realizing they’re learning.


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