Wash Away Headphone Dirt

It goes without saying that equipping your classroom with audio products that aid in maintaining a clean environment can have a long-lasting and positive impact for all involved parties.

Think about it. Throughout each school day a number of students come in and out and share many of the same materials. Classroom, computer lab and library headphones and headsets are no different. Of course you can spend your time wiping each one down after each student uses one or instead, simply opt for the washable kind. Washable, as in soap, water and a sink – or a trusty dishwasher. Chances are you’d much rather focus on educating instead of worrying about dirt right? Several of the headphones and headsets in the Titanium line can take care of that for you by being able to be immersed in soap and water then thoroughly dried.

This innovative line offers models that help prevent icky germs from accumulating on the headphones. After all, the more school days students attend the better for their overall learning so they’re not missing your class instruction. Easy on budgets so there isn’t an urgent need to frequently replace headphones and headsets that get beyond the point of cleaning. Available with different plug options (3.5mm, ¼”, USB) the Titanium models also come with your choice of replaceable standard cords or the new Guaranteed for Life cords which, along with the headset microphone windscreen, are to be removed prior to commencing with any washing.


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