Interactive Keyboard Applications

Times they are a-changing and computers are all the rage! Even more reason for young students to learn at an early age how to use a computer, and more specifically, use a keyboard when called upon during computer learning time.

It’s no secret that a multitude of colors can attract attention from just about anyone, especially students who are at a very young age and just beginning to familiarize themselves with the facets of what computers entail. Also, with USB-related equipment being integrated more and more into schools, it makes sense to incorporate a color-coded USB QWERTY keyboard like the Califone  Kids Keyboard (KB1) for young students to learn on while working on computer projects. Several aspects of your daily classroom curriculum could very well involve interactive  assignments that require the use of a computer, keyboard, and even a mouse. A timed activity could call for students to enter either the sum or difference of a mathematical computation before moving onto another math problem. The red keys on the KB1 keyboard can assist students in quickly identifying the numbers. An application that aids students in learning how to read and spell could use pictures to help students recognize the vocabulary word that matches. They can then type out the word using the keyboard, with the yellow and orange keys allowing students to differentiate between their consonant and vowel letters.

While some tasks may simply be comprised of teaching basic typing skills outlined for young students, using interactive computer applications will keep beginning readers and early language learners engaged in their education.



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