School Computer Initiatives Driving Learning Center Sizes

Califone announced today the results of a survey in which educators were asked if the listening center of the future will be computer based, how many students will participate at one time.

76.5% of the participants reported they already have or expect there will be four or more students in a group at one time.  The largest single answer block (41.2%) reported five or more students in a group with the second largest segment (35.3%) reported there are or will be four or more students in a group. Both answers are higher than historical averages.

The increased students per listening center ratio reflects current budgets, class sizes, and the first time inclusion of computer-based (stereo) centers,” shared Tim Ridgway, the company’s VP of Marketing. “With the increased flexibility and power offered by computers in classrooms and libraries, the rush towards having more students learning on them may have created a near-term increase, but sustained 1:1 initiatives and BYOT trends should bring this ratio back down over time.”

Release of the poll comes after results announced by Califone earlier in the year about a cord chewing crisis and on the role of technology to prevent hearing loss.


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