Flipped Classes with a Document Camera

At your school you may have that one goofy spirit week that includes a backwards [clothes-wearing] day for students but for your classroom and curriculum, why not make it backwards too? Backwards? Yes, as in flipping your classroom so that the time that your students are spending learning new lesson plans is taken at home while your face-to-face interaction with them involves going over homework assignments in class. (more…)

Using Audio Books as Technology to Assist Student Readers

With so many ways to use technology in the classroom, one of my most reliable uses is the use of the audio book.

As a middle teacher who teaches students whom have newly migrated to America, have special needs, or various other circumstances, I am challenged to meet the needs of each student not only individually, but also the whole class during the time given. I decided to go back to basics. Basics being, going back to what many of the elementary school teachers are already doing. Stations, and reading TO children. (more…)