To Go Classroom Headsets Connect with Mobile Learning Devices

Five Headset Models Now Compatible with iPad®, iPhone®, iPod®, Kindle®, Kindle Fire®, Kuno, Kineo, Galaxy and Other Mobile Devices to Enhance 1:1 Computing and Differentiated Instruction

Increasingly, educators rely on mobile learning devices to enrich curriculum lessons and engage student learning in and out of the classroom. To ensure safe listening and effective learning experiences with mobile devices, Califone now offers a series of its most popular headsets with mobile learning capabilities. To Go headsets enable educators to extend proven audio technology to the latest tablets, smartphones and mobile devices, including iOS® and Android® devices.

More than 68 percent of educators responding to a recent online poll on reported that their students use audio with mobile learning devices most or almost all of the time. Compatible with tablets, e-readers, gaming systems, smart phones and other mobile learning devices, the Califone headsets can be used for a wide range of instructional applications in which clear, crisp audio and product durability are critical, such as educational gaming across the curriculum and music applications.

Also used in flipped learning environments, the headsets allow students to hear recorded teacher instructions clearly for increased engagement and collaboration. And when used with devices which have recording capabilities, the To Go headsets enable student responses to be recorded and played back in call and response exercises for in language and literacy development, differentiated group learning, creating student-generated podcasts and even participating in a Google+ hangout.

first educational headsets to work with mobile devices “Califone headsets have been a staple in many classrooms for years, and now their capabilities reach outside the school for anytime, anywhere learning, an increasingly important part of students’ education,” said Tim Ridgway, vice president of marketing for Califone. “The safe, durable Califone headset that educators have always relied on is now made more versatile, with the ability to use on any mobile learning device for any educational application.”

All Califone headsets are built to withstand student use, and are constructed out of durable and high-quality materials. Mobile compatibility through the optional To Go plug is available on the Discovery Headset (DS-8VT), Deluxe Multimedia Headset (3066AV-T), Titanium Series Headset (HPK-1010T), Lightweight Stereo Headset (3065AV-T) and the 4100 Series Headset (4100AV-T).

All headsets featuring the To Go plug for mobile capability come with a warranty covering educational use, with service support available through authorized dealers nationwide.

To help launch the new headsets, there will be a twitter contest for #ISTE12 attendees to win their own.

Learn more about the announcement as reported in Campus Technology and THE Journal, and District Administration’s coverage “Califone Extends Capabilities of Popular Headsets to Mobile Learning Devices“.

This blog was amended to include the launch of the Listening First Headsets, which also utilize the single 3.5mm To Go plug to connect with iPads, Chromebooks, and other tablets and smartphones. Read how one kindergarten class uses the Listening First headsets.

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