Califone Previews Mobile Learning Solutions ISTE 2012

The annual ISTE conference is perhaps the technology highlight of the year for many educators and exhibitors alike, and this year’s is shaping up to be even more so than before. Leading into the conference, mobile learning is one of its most prevalent themes. With 67 sessions dedicated to BYOD alone, the discussion about how and where to implement mobile learning is vibrant and growing.

How best to engage students on an individual, group differentiation or whole class basis with mobile learning devices (and computers) through the use of audio will be the Califone booth (#5201) theme for the show.

ISTE attendees will be able to try on for themselves samples at the launch of the To Go™ headsets, the first educational headsets made for mobile learning with iOS and Android-based smartphones, tablets and other devices. Also shown will be the Titanium™ line of washable headphones and headsets (preventing volume levels from exceeding 85dB) with the industry’s first headphone cords which are Guaranteed For Life! There is also a Twitter contest at the show where educators can win their own To Go headset!

Launching at ISTE is the company’s MP4 Player/recorder. The new 8201 Player is the education industry’s first purpose-built model with a durable touch-screen and video, audio, images, gaming, and eBook capabilities. To protect student hearing, the 8201 also restricts the volume playback to 85dB and has dual headphone outlets for multiple listeners at the same time.

Tracing the path of and audio signal backwards from the headphones to the audio source (media player or computer), many experienced teachers utilize a jackbox to create smaller groups of differentiated learners to listen to content without disturbing the rest of the class. While a mainstay in elementary classrooms & libraries, this simple and effective tool can now safely alert students when the volume exceeds dangerous levels, be used to distribute the audio from a single smartphone or tablet out to up to ten students and even to create student-generated podcasts! All three examples of these jackboxes will be on the booth.

To Go Mobile HeadsetsTwitter To Go Headset contest at ISTESince the ability to hear what’s being conveyed in class is so integral to learning, there will be installed and portable PA gear used throughout the conference. Making its ISTE debut will be the first portable PA with an Apple-approved docking station for an iPod or iPhone, enabling teachers to stream music directly from the internet – the PA419.

For whole class audio amplification, the Infrared Audio System enables the connection of a secondary system for students with hearing impairments and allows everyone to participate in teleconferencing (with Skype for instance). The same portable PA used by ISTE in the public areas throughout the conference, the PresentationPro, will be used to demonstrate how schools can modernize their own existing PA gear from wired to wireless.

On the visual side, educators can try out the Diggiditto™ document camera, which can be used to link sounds to a file for future playback, recognize saved images, record movies for a flipped classroom with mobile learning students and even conduct a video call on Skype. Another virtual learning tool shown will be its USB Webcam, which can be used for Flat Stanley projects and other applications.

ISTE is a great opportunity to talk directly with educators,” shared the company’s Tim Ridgway, Vice President Marketing. “We’re honored to support the conference through the donation of headsets, document cameras and PA gear used in seminars, workshops, model classrooms, and in the public discussion areas.”

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