Transitioning to the Common Core Classroom

Many teachers and librarians are finding that not everything about the Common Core is new to them. In fact, some of what they’ve done in the past will be perfect for meeting some Common Core standards, particularly when it comes to technology. The standards outline what students should know and be able to do but not how teachers should teach.

“SL.2.2. Recount or describe key ideas or details from a text read aloud or information presented orally or through other media

–Common Core State Standards

Tech for meeting Common Core State StandardsLibrarian Sherrie Melinat and second-grade teacher Andrea Crawford, from St. Marks Episcopal School in Altadena, CA, were featured in a Califone case study that focused on integrating technology into reading practice. Using the CLS Wireless Headphones from Califone, they encouraged their students to listen to audio books.

In her classroom Crawford had a 20-minute independent reading period every day where students could choose to listen to an audio book while reading along, making it an interactive experience. In the library Melinat noted that listening to the books sustained students’ interest in their books longer than when just reading them. Both educators agreed that allowing students to listen to the stories while reading increased their interest in reading.

Because the wireless headphones have a 100-foot range, students can move anywhere in the classroom or library and still keep on task. The system comes with headphones and a transmitter, which when connected to an audio device allows one or more students to listen to the same audio book – creating a reading learning center.

Melinat and Crawford might be surprised to learn that this exact activity also meets the requirements of the second grade Speaking and Listening standards from the Common Core.

Even though private schools are not required to adopt the Common Core, they have students transitioning to public schools on a regular basis and want the students to be adequately prepared.

Let us know – what classroom lessons do you have that might seamlessly transition to meet Common Core objectives?

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