Free Upgrade from Spirit Boombox to Spirit SD

Califone announced a free upgrade on orders for its popular Spirit boombox 1776 Multimedia Player/Recorder.

The classroom audio visual manufacturer said that on orders received through its participating dealers between October 8th and November 9th, the Spirit SD (1886) will be shipped in place of the Spirit (1776). Orders should list the Spirit (1776) and Califone will automatically provide the upgraded 1886 model. This also includes Four-Person (1776PLC) and Six-Person (1776PLC-6) Spirit Learning Centers as well as the six-student Rolling (1776PLC6C) and Tabletop (1776PLC6T) Spirit Audio Pods.

The offer is our way of saying “thank you” to the hard work and dedication by school leaders which are recognized during October’s National Principals Month,” shared Tim Ridgway, Califone VP Marketing.

Listen to content on SD cards and USB sticksThe Spirit SD has a built in SD card slot and mini-usb port to play audio files in addition to the CD player and cassette player/recorder on the Spirit (1776). This flexibility enables teachers to modify or update teaching materials without the need to spend time burning a CD. Simply delete old files and add new files to the SD card to provide students the specific resources they need. The Spirit SD also enables you to carry, organize and manage multiple media in a classroom. With up to 2GB of audio curriculum that can be transported among classrooms with ease, the Spirit SD is designed for classroom uses and is available at a low cost that fits school budgets.

If durability is an issue for boomboxes used in schools, the Spirit and Spirit SD are each made using ABS plastic. This material is more durable than what’s used in typical consumer-oriented models. It won’t shatter into potentially dangerous shards, which could be a possible health hazard around young children.

For many students, hearing is the fastest route to understanding. In order to enhance a curriculum that includes group and storytime activities, the Spirit boombox (Spirit SD) is a solid foundation to use for a library or learning center.

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