Most Viewed Educational AV Gear of 2012

Mobile learning is just one example of how technology is empowering teachers to help students learn in an increasingly diverse world. But with the emergence of cloud-based activities for instance, they’re still made possible by new and innovative hardware. Here are the top ten most widely viewed Califone products of 2012…

Top Viewed Products of 2012

  1. Computer Microscope (CM1-USB)
  2. Switchable Stereo / Mono Headphone (3068AV)
  3. iPhone Wireless PA System (PA419)
  4. Deluxe Multimedia Stereo Headset (3066)
  5. Explorer Series of Headphones (EH-xx)
  6. PowerPro SD Portable PA System (PA919SD)
  7. Stereo Headphone (2924AVPS)
  8. Listening First Stereo Headphones (2810-xx)
  9. PresentationPro Classroom Speaker (PA300)
  10. Got It! Student Response System (9300)

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