T.H.E. Journal Readers Select Califone a Top Classroom Audio System for Fourth Year in a Row

Califone takes silver in the 2018 T.H.E. Journal Readers’ Choice Awards

For its annual Readers’ Choice Awards, T.H.E. Journal calls on more than 1,000 education stakeholders to choose their favorite brands and products in school technology. Everyone from library professionals to IT directors to teachers themselves cast their vote for the best in edtech.

This year, the Califone brand won silver for Favorite Classroom Audio Distribution/Sound Enhancement System — Califone has been recognized in this category at each of the T.H.E. Journal Readers’ Choice Awards since 2015.

The Califone suite of audio components continues to be trusted by educators and students alike, with Califone maintaining its place in schools even as technology shifts to more digital functions. With the onrush of smart devices and streaming technologies, schools still buy legacy tech like boomboxes and cassette recorders in large quantities, and students continue to use Califone hardware in their everyday learning. As a result, the company is taking steps to adapt its technology to fit shifting education needs while remaining true to the Califone foundations.

“When you have more than 70 years under your belt providing top quality educational products, administrators and teachers take note,” said Grace Sun, Product Sales & Marketing Manager. “Califone has been proud to supply schools with what they need for effective classroom management and instruction, and we are continually humbled by their recognition and appreciation.”

“Califone is honored to receive this educator-directed recognition. Since Califone exists to serve education professionals, hearing that we are on the right track is reassuring and a welcome reminder of our mission to provide safe, long-lasting products for today’s classrooms,” Sun continues.

For more information and to see the full list of winners at the 2018 T.H.E. Journal Readers’ Choice Awards, see the announcement. To learn more about the four-time award-winning portable audio systems, click here.