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Classroom Learning with Minecraft

Gaming in the Classroom with Minecraft.EDU

Many teachers have embraced game-based learning in general and Minecraft.EDU in particular. Minecraft.EDU is an education version of the award-winning Minecraft game and is played by more than 30 million people around the world. Often described as a digital version of Legos®, Minecraft.EDU players use 3-D blocks to build anything they can imagine. (more…)

Surround Sound in Plain English for Game Based Learning

Surround Sound in Plain English for Game-Based Learning

We all know at least one person who geeks out on gaming sound technology. Subwoofers, tweeters, oh my! But what do educators need to know when choosing headsets for game-based learning in their classrooms and libraries? (more…)

Gaming and Learning is all about Balance

Playing games, whether digital or non-digital, provides powerful and immersive experiences for the digital generations. Games are entertaining, interactive and the “F” word – FUN! But now, digital games are finding their way into classrooms for powerful learning. The children of the always-on generation are able to learn new content and practice essential skills while engaging in a passionate pastime. If learners can master the essential skills they need to survive and thrive in the 21st century while playing games, then many children will clamor to this learning approach. Educators and parents can leverage the love of gaming for learning, however, there is a catch. (more…)

What is Game-Based Learning vs Gamification?

Both terms have been cropping up lately in education circles – but are they the same, and if not, why not? (more…)

Audio and the Core Assessments

When school technology directors and administrators are thinking about this year’s newly mandated audio requirements for language arts assessment, their minds immediately turn to headphones and headsets. And they should. However, there’s another audio option that many may not be aware of, one that involves a much smaller investment: earbuds, which come in a variety of models that sport diverse features to fit the needs of any classroom.


Love Is a Mixtape on the CAS1500

A viewer of the popular ABC series “The Goldbergs” shared this gem from the season 2 premiere. (more…)

Offers New OS Compatibility Charts with Assessments

Much of the talk surrounding the Common Core, PARCC, and Smarter Balanced Standards has been about the content being taught, but few have actually discussed the audio hardware that districts need to work with their specific devices and operating systems. Califone has now made this information available on our website. (more…)

5 AV Trends Transforming the Common Core

Much of the talk surrounding the Common Core State Standards has been about the content being taught, but few are discussing the audio hardware that districts need to have in place to deliver this content to students.

AV equipment is a small but integral component for successfully implementing the Common Core.  Both PARCC and Smarter Balanced assessments require students be provided with headphones, and these pieces of technology also assist educators in delivering instruction. (more…)