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Headset Plugs for iPads and Chromebooks

Changing technologies have given rise to new types of connections for content listening. With audio’s growing role in testing especially, making sure your headset properly plugs into the tablet, computer or other device should be a no-brainer – should be. If you’re needing headsets for Smarter Balanced or PARCC assessments, here are a few simple tips to make sure you make the best choice. (more…)

Mobile Learning for K12 claims that 2013 was the year that mobile devices surpassed PCs to become the most common Web access tools. They also project that by 2015, more than 80% of handsets will be smartphones. (more…)

Using Project-Based Learning for CCSS

Thom Markham, a noted educational expert on project-based learning (PBL), has written that the shift to the Common Core can be accomplished with a “well-designed problem solving methodology that moves students through an inquiry process, during which they develop the skills necessary to analyze information and answer open-ended questions.” This process will help achieve the Common Core goals of collaboration, communication, and critical thinking. (more…)

5 Essential Steps for Project-Based Learning

The 5 Essential Steps of the Inquiry Cycle for Project-Based Learning

Unlike traditional learning based on rote memorization, the Inquiry Cycle of project-based learning begins with a question or query that forms the basis of a learning investigation. More often than not, educators form student groups to work collaboratively on a project. Successful outcomes are often a result of the level of research and analytical skills developed by the students throughout the course of the project. (more…)

Teaching With Technology and Tablets

Califone is proud to welcome guest bloggers Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey.

Technology has transformed our teaching.  In every way we can imagine, from the modeling we provide for students as we read from a tablet, capturing the language for students’ later use to simply entering grades in a gradebook so that parents and students can access it at any time, computers and tablets with Internet access have changed how we do our work. (more…)

Upgrades Performer Plus Boombox

Califone announced changes to its flagship Performer Plus Multimedia Player / Recorder for the upcoming 2013-14 academic year. (more…)

Headset For Storytelling in Kindergarten

Califone will invite teachers to share how they’re using classroom technology with their students. We’d like to welcome this time guest blogger, Matt Gomez.

I have written about headphones we use in my class before and everything I posted there is still true. The Califone headphones have been exactly what I needed for my class and more importantly they continue to work after two years of Kindergarten kids using them daily. (more…)

5 Big Ideas From Common Core Standards

Many districts are trying to help their teachers understand why the Common Core Standards are different from previous sets of standards. But, as often happens with “big” changes in education, educators are left to figure out the details on their own. Fortunately, good resources are beginning to hit mainstream education channels. (more…)