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Tech Tools for Distance Learning

Implementing a distance learning program provides your students access to environments outside of their typical school walls and offers learning experiences that goes beyond being routine. (more…)

Wrapping up 2011 ISTE

By every account, the annual ISTE conference held this year in the Philadelphia Conference Center was a huge success. (more…)

Califone and Social Media at AEP

The Association of Educational Publishers held their Content in Context Conference in Washington, DC, and Califone was there to present at the influential June conference. (more…)

Post ISTE Musings

Califone has been proudly serving teachers for generations, but every once in a while a special meeting occurs that poignantly reminds me how lucky we are to do what we do – and ISTE ’11 was one of those occasions. (more…)

Distance Learning Without the Echo

One of the most exciting developments about distance learning is connecting your students with remote teachers, guest presenters, or classes. But if you’re amplifying the audio for the entire room to hear,  what is that annoying echo, how do you get rid of it, and whatever happened to the enhanced 21st-century learning experience? (more…)

Downsize Bigger Classes

Students can be affected when class sizes increase, so adapting tools that can assist you can help offset these changes to create an effective learning environment. (more…)

Wireless USB Connectivity

Before embarking on a project, you have to first make sure that you not only have everything you need for it but that it is properly set up and in working fashion. (more…)

Increase the Music Not the Noise

Music is all around us in everyday life – the radio, TV, online, and of course in your own school – and its effect can inspire children to become the greatest of musical artists. Teaching them musical skills is an important step toward their appreciation of such a craft. (more…)