Benefits of IR Learning Centers

While infrared technology is not new, it still plays a valuable role in enhancing student learning in the 21st Century. Two of the benefits of a wireless over a wired learning center include providing a more comfortable learning experience with freedom of movement, and creating a safer classroom environment (no cords to trip over). (more…)

Califone Array Speakers Help Dysart Unified School District Classrooms

As the fastest growing school system in Arizona, Dysart Unified School District outside of Phoenix is dedicated to preparing their students to thrive in the new century, which means each of their 21,500 students needs to master technology-based skills. To support more than 450 projection systems installed in K-8 classrooms throughout the district,  Ezra Williams, the district’s network specialist, decided to purchase the Califone PI30 Array Speakers for audio support.

Said Williams, “The array speakers allow teachers to amplify music, videos & interactive programs played directly from connected laptops, all without adding new ambient noise to the classroom – giving the students greater opportunities to listen and learn.”

To learn more about how the Califone Array Speakers are helping teachers and students in Dysart Unified School District, click here.

First Computer Jackbox from Califone Helps Language Learning

Fairfax County Public School administrators were looking for hardware that could help tie together several technologies – such as microphones, headphones and computers – to create a learning center for the foreign language department. It also had to support the district’s goal in encouraging students to use their critical thinking skills, so administrators decided to purchase the Califone USB Jackbox (1216USB).  According to Aron Sterling, one the district’s School Based Technology Specialists, “We are using technology to encourage kids to develop and use their own critical thinking skills. An important result is that they’re not noticing the technology – it works seamlessly so they can concentrate on their lessons and not on the technology.” (more…)

Califone SA-740 Headphone Helps with Distance Learning

A small, rural school district where the majority of students do not have access to technology at home, Jemez Valley Public School District, north of Albuquerque, New Mexico, wanted to provide their students with new and different challenging course options. With limited resources within the community, JVSD decided to implement a distance learning program. “Since hosting a distance learning program requires quality headphones, we chose the Superior Stereo Headphones because we trust the brand and know the equipment can handle the kids,” shared Lisa Simpson, Systems Manager for the district.

Click here to read more about Jemez Valley School District’s use of the Califone SA-740 headphone with its distance learning program.

Case Study: 3066-USB

The Glendale Elementary School District (GESD), located northwest of Phoenix, Arizona, has increased significantly to more than 180,000 people in recent years. This rapid population growth has caused GESD to become one of the fastest growing districts in Arizona, with more than 3,800 English language learners (nearly a quarter of the student population). In an effort to further help the district’s rapidly increasing population of English language learners, GESD decided to adopt a specialized curriculum program called DynEd. In order to implement the program, GESD needed to purchase headsets that would allow the students to listen and practice their new language skills. They required a headphone with a microphone that would be durable enough to handle classroom abuse, and could allow the students to both hear their lessons and speak and record vocabulary using the computer.

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