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Califone Launches KB4 Bluetooth Keyboard

Compact, portable keyboard is compatible with multiple devices for a variety of classroom activities

Califone announced its latest Bluetooth keyboard, the KB4. This new model features a compact, lightweight design for easy portability and flexible classroom use. (more…)

Califone Releases USB Microphone

Califone Launches the USB Microphone for Voice Amplification in Classrooms and  Presentation Settings

The microphone connects to a USB port to provide high quality voice amplification through a computer’s built-in or connected external speakers. (more…)

Wireless Hums Along at 2012 School District of Palm Beach County Tech Conference

The 2012 School District of Palm Beach County Technology Conference “We have an app for that: innovative teachers“, held on Monday, March 26th, focused on professional development for approximately 2,000 school and district level attendees to further their knowledge on the latest in educational technology and tools. Nearly over 100 tech-related breakout sessions for media specialists and teachers, with topics ranging from mobile media and gaming to social networking and apps were conducted throughout the day under four different categorical tracks: school tech support, school librarians, leadership and K-12. (more…)

First Student Computer and Tablet Jackbox

Califone Offers First Jackbox for Computer-Based Group Learning & with iPad® and Other Tablets. One device can connect up to 10 headphones for use with computers, tablets or other devices enabling educators to expand multimedia-based learning opportunities. (more…)

Accessing Culture with Technology

Learning about other cultures can be fascinating for students, but even more intriguing is learning about one’s own heritage, especially when the journey is aided by classroom technology.


Interactive Keyboard Applications

Times they are a-changing and computers are all the rage! Even more reason for young students to learn at an early age how to use a computer, and more specifically, use a keyboard when called upon during computer learning time. (more…)

CW1 Review

Perhaps the best thing I can say about the Califone Model CW1 USB Webcam is that after testing it for a month for this review, we continued using it; the unit sits next to the more expensive “Big Box” brand it replaced. (more…)

Engaging Music Students Through Sight

They say practice makes perfect and for students practicing a dance or music-related composition it’s only fitting that they be given the opportunity to learn from both visual and audio perspectives. (more…)