Gaming and Learning is all about Balance

Playing games, whether digital or non-digital, provides powerful and immersive experiences for the digital generations. Games are entertaining, interactive and the “F” word – FUN! But now, digital games are finding their way into classrooms for powerful learning. The children of the always-on generation are able to learn new content and practice essential skills while engaging in a passionate pastime. If learners can master the essential skills they need to survive and thrive in the 21st century while playing games, then many children will clamor to this learning approach. Educators and parents can leverage the love of gaming for learning, however, there is a catch. (more…)

Teaching With Technology and Tablets

Califone is proud to welcome guest bloggers Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey.

Technology has transformed our teaching.  In every way we can imagine, from the modeling we provide for students as we read from a tablet, capturing the language for students’ later use to simply entering grades in a gradebook so that parents and students can access it at any time, computers and tablets with Internet access have changed how we do our work. (more…)

Headset For Storytelling in Kindergarten

Califone will invite teachers to share how they’re using classroom technology with their students. We’d like to welcome this time guest blogger, Matt Gomez.

I have written about headphones we use in my class before and everything I posted there is still true. The Califone headphones have been exactly what I needed for my class and more importantly they continue to work after two years of Kindergarten kids using them daily. (more…)

Headsets for PreK Games on iPads

Part of a continuing series of Califone guest bloggers.

Helen and I have talked about Futaba in our podcasts. It’s a great way to gamify student skill mastery with the assistance of a few headsets. A few days ago, two of my tech club kids and my lab aide created sets for PreK games in the app. Right now there aren’t many ready sets in the app for preschoolers. Creating sets and games was pretty easy. (more…)

Using Audio Books as Technology to Assist Student Readers

With so many ways to use technology in the classroom, one of my most reliable uses is the use of the audio book.

As a middle teacher who teaches students whom have newly migrated to America, have special needs, or various other circumstances, I am challenged to meet the needs of each student not only individually, but also the whole class during the time given. I decided to go back to basics. Basics being, going back to what many of the elementary school teachers are already doing. Stations, and reading TO children. (more…)