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Tech Tools for Distance Learning

Implementing a distance learning program provides your students access to environments outside of their typical school walls and offers learning experiences that goes beyond being routine. (more…)

Wrapping up 2011 ISTE

By every account, the annual ISTE conference held this year in the Philadelphia Conference Center was a huge success. (more…)

Distance Learning Without the Echo

One of the most exciting developments about distance learning is connecting your students with remote teachers, guest presenters, or classes. But if you’re amplifying the audio for the entire room to hear,  what is that annoying echo, how do you get rid of it, and whatever happened to the enhanced 21st-century learning experience? (more…)

Wraps Infocomm 2011

The draw of soon-to-be-offered PA and headset gear made for a busy Califone booth at June’s annual conference. (more…)

The Official PA at ISTE

With more schools and districts installing PAs to support streaming video, lcd projectors and connected computers, ISTE again turned to the leader of classroom audio amplification at its own conference, held this year in Philadelphia June 27-29th. (more…)

Skype in the Classroom

Skype recently announced the launch of its free directory for teachers who want to use Skype to bring education to life in their classrooms. (more…)

TCEA 2011 Wrap Up

High-energy educators representing districts of all sizes with differing technological needs descended onto Austin this month for the annual TCEA conference. (more…)

When Class Knockouts are a Good Thing

Have you ever tried to install audio equipment on your classroom wall and thought to yourself: I wish there was more than one way of doing this? (more…)