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Upgrades Performer Plus Boombox

Califone announced changes to its flagship Performer Plus Multimedia Player / Recorder for the upcoming 2013-14 academic year. (more…)

Unveils First iPad Jackbox

Debuts the industry’s first iPad Jackbox to Support Mobile-Based Learning Activities in Classrooms & Libraries

 As educators continue to expand mobile-based learning activities in the classroom, the need for distributed audio to select students through connected headphones has grown. To meet this demand, Califone International, Inc. has launched the first jackbox for iPads, iPhones and iPods. (more…)

Califone Launches First Two Way Jackbox

Jackbox for Two-Way Group Communication Between Mobile Devices

Califone International, Inc. announces the launch of the 1210T Jackbox. The innovative two-way jackbox enables students to listen to distributed content from mobile devices or computers like a traditional jackbox, but also enables them to respond verbally through connected headsets to the jackbox and back to the device. (more…)

Learning Center Warns of Hearing Loss

Califone announces the launch of the first learning center to help prevent student hearing loss by teaching them what “too loud” is. (more…)

Reggio Based Audio Pod Colors

Califone announced a change to the color of its rolling and table top audio pods. (more…)

The Timeless Listening Center

Quick – can you think of a classroom technology that’s still in use more than 50 years after it was first introduced? (more…)

Free Upgrade from Spirit Boombox to Spirit SD

Califone announced a free upgrade on orders for its popular Spirit boombox 1776 Multimedia Player/Recorder. (more…)

Too Many Cords Cause Classroom Chaos

Do you ever feel like the movie ‘Tangled’ could’ve been about headphone cords? If so then you’re probably not alone if you’ve ever sat in your classroom patiently trying to untangle pesky cords. (more…)