Read Right and its MP3 Player System

Comprehensive System Helps Administer Student Reading Activities

Read Right is launching a comprehensive (software and hardware) package to help administer its reading intervention program. Designed for teachers and reading instructors, the system helps manage student reading assignments as well as the downloading of reading materials and activities in up to twenty Califone MP3 Player/Recorders at one time for teacher convenience. In about a minute all of the students in a class period can have the unique book that they are reading written to the MP3 player so they can begin tutoring.

The MP3 system will directly upload the activity data (Student Tutoring time, Independent Reading time, and Critical Thinking time) that are tracked for each student for every class period during the day to an online monthly reporting application. The data can also be backed up to a flash drive and uploaded using a Read Right web form.

Read Right announced last year of its decision to integrate the Califone MP3 player into its innovative methodology for teaching reading. Based in part on the successful roll out of the award winning digital media player/recorder into its program, the development of theMP3 Systemwas a natural extension. The decision by Read Right last year to include the 8101 was the first by a supplemental publisher to fully integrate the digital media player as part of its program and offerings.

Helps Control Classroom Clutter

Tabletop and Rolling Audio Pods™ offer all in one systems that help reduce classroom clutter.

Califone International, Inc., and Copernicus Educational Products, Inc., have partnered to provide teachers, media specialists, reading teachers, and school audiologists with two versions of customized tabletop and rolling carts for audio supplies. The Performer Plus™ Audio Pod and Spirit™ Audio Pods allow educators to organize listening center equipment, reading material and audio components in one convenient place. (more…)

Educators See Increased use of Classroom Audio

Califone announced today the results of an online survey asking educators about their expected use of audio with classroom learning. “Teachers and administrators have shared that they expect continued increases in the use of personal sound fields as well as classroom-wide audio amplification systems,” shared the company’s vice president of marketing, Tim Ridgway. (more…)

Read Right Systems Chooses Califone MP3 Player as Preferred Personal Media Player

(Pictured above 8102 )

Designed for Educational Use, MP3 Player Helps to Eliminate Difficulties with Reading

Califone International, Inc., announces that Read Right Systems, Inc., an organization that developed and implements an innovative methodology for improving reading skills, has selected the Califone MP3 Player to be used in the company’s Read Right® program.

Implemented in K-12 schools, correctional institutions, learning centers, and community colleges nationwide, Read Right serves as an intervention program for struggling readers, including special needs students, and is used as a tool for language acquisition. A critical part of the program’s methodology utilizes audio books to enhance the predictability of the text. This format also requires the students to be able to easily return to the beginning of each paragraph. The program’s tutors are currently using cassette tapes and cassette players, which can be difficult to quickly and easily rewind to the desired place in the text. The Califone MP3 Player creates a more efficient learning experience and expands the user’s ability to control the playing of the audio book, enhancing the efficiency of the tutoring and learning processes. (more…)

Califone Equipment RoHS Compliant

Company Fully Committed to Staying Ahead of Environmental and Safety Regulations for Student Safety

San Fernando, CA (March, 2008) — In 2006, Europe passed the RoHS Directive, mandating that electrical and electronic products sold in the European market must contain restrictive levels of substances that can be hazardous in large amounts, including lead, cadmium and mercury. In addition, China, Australia and Japan have passed similar legislations, and last year, 20 states within the United States and Canada developed plans for RoHS-like regulations. Califone International, Inc., is fully committed to providing products that are as safe as possible, which is why the company has been creating educational products that follow RoHS standards for years. (more…)