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Wireless PresentationPro PA Sale

Califone announced a Springtime special on the country’s most widely spec’d school speaker! (more…)

Califone Releases Speaker to Support Mobile Learning

Califone Unveils New Speaker for iPad® and iPhone®, connected Android® Devices

As schools and districts throughout the country continue to introduce mobile computing devices in the classroom, it’s important to plan for the technology infrastructure to support these new teaching tools. Califone International, Inc., a leader in the design, development and manufacturing of audiovisual and supplemental curriculum products for use in education, today announces the launch of its first speaker developed exclusively for iPad® and iPhone®. (more…)

Introduces Megaphones to Support School Activities and Safety

Wired or Bluetooth Megaphones Support School Activities and Emergency Response Situations

Califone International, Inc., a leader in the design, development and manufacturing of school audiovisual and supplemental curriculum products, today announces the release of two new megaphones for use during school activities, as well as in emergency situations. (more…)

ISTE 2013 to use Califone Speaker

Califone is pleased to announce its support once again for the International Society for Technology in Education conference by supplying its most widely spec’d classroom PA speaker, the PresentationPro™, for use in several public areas throughout the conference, to be held in San Antonio, TX on June 24-26th. (more…)

Launches Speaker with Bluetooth Wireless Technology

Califone announced the launch of its first speaker using Bluetooth® wireless technology. The PA-BT30 is designed with presenters and teachers in mind and features easy connectivity to any Bluetooth enabled mobile device and computer. It enables whole class and group learning activities in the classroom, and high-quality presentations in any meeting setting. (more…)

Califone Announces Pinterest Winner

Educator wins a Califone prize package valued at $4,000 to engage students and foster learning

Califone today announces the winner of its “Classroom AV Wish List” Pinterest contest. Marianne Griffith, an art teacher at Alta E. Butler Elementary School in Phoenix, AZ., was awarded a Califone Portable PA Prize Package that includes a PowerPro SD with tripod, a PA 419 with a built-in docking station for an iPhone® or iPod® device, and two wireless microphones. (more…)

Megaphone and Portable PA Performance

Choosing the best megaphone is sort of like choosing the best car. “Best” can mean many different things to people, but is more meaningful only after narrowing down what’s most important to you.

Staying with the car example, if fuel economy is more important than the ability to haul lots of passengers, the logical choice would be for a two-door sub-compact instead of a 14-passenger van. Or if you wanted to drive at high speeds instead of navigating rough, non-paved roads then a low-slung sports car would be a better choice than a four-wheel drive truck with a high suspension. (more…)

Free Wireless Mic and Shipping with PA Purchase

Some matches are just naturals  – peas and carrots, mac & cheese, Penn and Teller even. How about a PA coupled with a wireless mic? We think so too and from August 15th to December 21st, Califone will add in a free wireless mic with your PA purchase! (more…)