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New Ways of Teaching

Shifting furniture designs, architectural layouts of classrooms and the emergence of BYOD programs all offer new and differing perspectives towards teaching students.

Encourage in-class discussionClassroom layouts and BYOD programs are comparatively new within the realm of teaching. Certainly teaching styles shouldn’t be immune to evolving either, and technology has played a pronounced role in facilitating a shift. From a student’s perspective, some could argue that since handheld devices are more natural to digital natives, there’d be an intrinsic willingness  to hold one and participate in the lesson at hand. What are the implications for teaching and teachers themselves as more digital natives begin leading classes in addition to just sitting in them? So have these changes helped teaching or facilitated student learning? (more…)

Got It now Windows 7 Compatible

Califone has upgraded its Got It!™ student response system to be compatible with Windows™ 7. (more…)

Programming Got It! Remotes

With up to 253 remotes capable of operating within a single Got It! student response system, sometimes it can be tough to keep track of all of them. (more…)

System Enthralls And Educates

Any teacher knows that the key to achieving academic success is by engaging their students on an individual level. Today’s students love to engage with technology. Most of them can’t remember a time when computers and gaming systems weren’t common household items. (more…)

Califone Brackets for March Mayhem

Nothing beats the drama of going head to head in competition. The excitement of being watched by the nation and recognized as the best makes for some great viewing and tweeting! (more…)

Learning Center for the Price of a Boombox

Buy the 4-position Spirit SD learning center for just the price of the boombox! (more…)

Extends Classroom Stimulus Packages

Supports literacy & classroom amplification initiatives.

Califone announced extensions of four current offers to now run through December 30th of this year. The specials cover a broad range of technology oriented products for use in a variety of classroom, computer lab, and library applications. One even includes free shipping on the company’s just launched Got It! clicker student response system which can be used to help data driven decision making. (more…)

Califone Wraps 2009 Infocomm

Califone concluded its 52nd annual Infocomm convention last week in Orlando, FL. The world’s largest gathering of AV manufacturers and distributors concluded a busy week of meetings and product launches on an even more upbeat note after the broadcasted general announcement saying that the show attendance was in fact the third highest in its history. (more…)