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Flipped Classes with a Document Camera

At your school you may have that one goofy spirit week that includes a backwards [clothes-wearing] day for students but for your classroom and curriculum, why not make it backwards too? Backwards? Yes, as in flipping your classroom so that the time that your students are spending learning new lesson plans is taken at home while your face-to-face interaction with them involves going over homework assignments in class. (more…)

Engaging with Interactive Content

One solution to both captivating and retaining the attention of your students in class can be presenting them with an interactive platform for learning. (more…)

Using Diggiditto for VoiceThread

One of the more accessible and creative but secure online tools for student (and teacher) collaboration is Voicethread. (more…)

Tech for the Classroom

To keep students engaged in the classroom, implementing technological equipment to complement coursework can make a big difference. (more…)

Upgrades Document Camera

Califone announced an improvement to the digital zoom capability of its Diggiditto Document Camera. (more…)

Document Camera Windows 7 Compatible

Califone announced an upgrade to its Diggiditto DC896 flatbed document camera to Windows 7 compatibility. (more…)

Skype in the Classroom

Skype recently announced the launch of its free directory for teachers who want to use Skype to bring education to life in their classrooms. (more…)

History 101

For one generation to the next, schools offer students a chance to not only learn the basics in math, science, and English, but also in history. Not only the history that speaks of battles, politics, and the like, but the kind that teaches about different cultures, architecture, beautiful works of art and the talent behind them. Any of these visual elements in their own way is a sort of storytelling in an educative fashion. (more…)